About Sarah Moore

I began working from my own kitchen at home by supplying local delicatessens in my area of North London. This soon grew into regular party catering business.

A life long fascination with Japanese food led me to study traditional Japanese food, as much for it’s aesthetic beauty as it’s extraordinary health giving value. I supplied the Japan Centre in Piccadilly with Bento Boxes of traditional Japanese vegetarian dishes. I was lucky enough to spend some time having one to one tuition with Japanese master Kansai chef, Minoru Yoneda. Although he didn’t speak any English, nor I any Japanese it was a remarkable opportunity to observe such culinary artistry and samurai knife skills.

After a brief period of cooking at various recording studios in London, I ran the restaurant and all catering services at Sir George Martin’s Air Studios in Hampstead. The restaurant was an integral part of studio life, both the studio staff and the clients who hired the studios, which may have been a small band with bizarre requests, or a full symphony orchestra with film crew. Alongside the studio, I catered to various events and parties in and around London, including to the American Ambassador, Philip Lader, at his residence, Winfield House in Regents Park and at the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

During a brief residency at Abbey Road Recording Studios I designed and implemented a complete overhaul of the restaurant and catering services. The reinvention of menu and service style brought much critical acclaim.

Moving to Sustainable and Ethical Practice

The production, movement and trading of food world wide is responsible for at least 20% of global greenhouse gases.

In 2007 realising the responsibility of having produced hundreds of thousands of meals and being an integral link (albeit a small one) in the food chain for over 15 years, I devoted time to study sustainable food systems ranging from all that is involved from field to plate.

My travels took me to Marine Steward Council fisheries on the South Coast, to organic and biodynamic farms in Kent, meeting remarkable artisan cheese makers and rare breed livestock farmers in Cumbria and seeing how their happy and healthy livestock thrive.

Thought provoking lectures with some of the most innovative thinkers and creative academics from the world of agriculture, environment and politics reinforced my belief in the need for a more sustainable food system. Inspiration and proposed solutions from movements such as Slow Food, Soil Association, Marine Conservation Society and Sustain-The Alliance for Better Food and Farming gave me the network and practical tools to implement a business based on these values.

The journey continues to amaze and ultimately inspire.