Cooking Classes

I spent 15 years catering to high profile parties and events in the music and film business and running a busy studio restaurant where on a busy day 80 guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner was commonplace. With a young family, whose food was of high importance, I learned that whether you are feeding an orchestra, a famous band or your family and their mates; it is the same care, consideration and planning which goes into the pot.

Understanding ingredients is absolutely key to successful cooking. Planning is essential, but not at the loss of spontaneity. Intuition and inspiration must sit with practicality.

Private Tuition

We offer private cooking lessons in your home for one to one tuition or to small groups, up to 4 people. For ideas and descriptions of classes, click here.

Private Classes are minimum of 3 hours and cost £60 per hour.

(Does not include cost of ingredients, we can supply, estimates on request.)

Corporate & Group Classes

Corporate and small group cooking classes are held at two locations. One is a purpose built teaching kitchen 10 minutes walk from London Bridge. Or for a more off beat venue, a Victorian Art Deco butchers shop which has been renovated with loving care by Deco enthusiast Richard Travers, who opened his shop as part of London's Open Day Festival. Our courses suit a group of 6 - 12 people.

Please email for details and prices.