Popular Classes for Private Tuition

Private Classes are minimum of 3 hours and cost £150. (Does not include cost of ingredients, we can supply, estimates on requests)

We offer private cooking lessons in your home for one to one tuition or to small groups, up to 4 people.

To book a private session with Sarah, please contact us via e-mail or call 07931 0373646. Payment options will be sent to you along with the confirmation of
your booking.

Cooking for a crowd and still enjoy yourself

So many people freeze in terror at the thought of catering to a group of friends and family. This course brings the most amount of feedback. With a few ground rules and clever menu planning you will be guaranteed to be a great host and still enjoy yourself. We cover planning, shopping, setting the table, prepping ahead and serving.


Invite friends for drinks and canapés. Here we focus of a selection of bases and toppings which are all made ahead of time with menu recommendations.

Family meals for a fiver

This theme has become our most popular of late! The great thing about cooking on a budget is that is forces us to think harder about alternatives to our often ‘shopping by numbers’ approach. Here we tap into a whole new world of great ingredients, cheaper and following seasonal produce. This course has been a revelation to everyone who has done it.

Ethical and sustainable kitchen

Many people want to observe more ethical and sustainable values but quite frankly feel overwhelmed at the enormity of this subject. This course emparts a simple philosophy of buying, cooking observing seasonality, local and regional produce, also excellent, good value foreign produce.

Planning a week’s menu

A popular course for busy mum’s, which de-mystifies home cooking and throws a new light on what many people consider an overwhelming chore. This offers a new angle on some classic dishes and family favourites with some modern twists. This is a real time saver.

Supporting your diet - Nourish yourself with superfoods - Gluten free and restrictive diets made easy

These 3 more specialized courses are aimed at the health conscious and those with restrictive diets. With more cases of crones, coeliac, wheat and lactose intolerances, sufferers can feel there is ‘nothing left to eat’. This course concentrates entirely on the range of what you can eat and will almost certainly introduce you to ingredients you didn’t know about. Any diet will benefit from fresh health giving ingredients. When looking at Superfoods we take a look at ingredients such as Japanese artisan miso, kuzu, tofu, seaweeds, Iranian Barberries, pulses and grains and sprouting living food. Plenty of links, product sources and further reading are recommended.

Preserves, stocks and sauces

This course focuses on the old fashioned art of preserving. Jams, pickles and chutneys are quick to make and economical. Take advantage of seasonal gluts and short lived seasons such as damsons, cherries, rhubarb, Seville oranges and quinces.

Stocks are the backbone of all soups, sauces and casseroles. With a basic knowledge of this most satisfying of all kitchen work, one can have an arsenal of stocks in the freezer or in the fridge for the next few days of improvisational cooking. We cover some basic sauces, which will change simple meals into something more special and allow you to start explore the endless world of improvisational cooking.

University student survival course

Sending young people off to university after a lifetime of being fed can be a daunting time for families and the students. This hugely successful course delivers excellent results with students going off with a set of basics that are their toolbox. We cover store cupboard ingredients, economy meals and a good selection of healthy options.